不发题解,单纯的比赛总结 //////////////////////////////// 前一个月都在考试和比赛中忙碌着 5.13:考试 5.19和5.20:省赛、东北赛,考试 表现并不是很出色,省赛、东北赛都是只拿了银,去年省赛就是银, […]


【2018-05-01更新】校赛题目已经挂到OJ:更:该网站到期未续费,现已无法访问),题目id 1219~1231 题目原文请见:Cont […]

C++ STL库函数

p.s. 此文章为word直接复制粘贴生成,未对格式进行修正,请周知! word版本下载请见:   一.集合(set)    头文 […]

Codeforces 946a,b,c

· Codeforces 946a Origin: 题意:正数的和减去负数的和 #include <bits/stdc++.h> usi […]

Codeforces 940c【贪心】

C. Phone Numbers And where the are the phone numbers? You are given a string s consisting of lowercase English letters a […]

Codeforces 940b【贪心】

B. Our Tanya is Crying Out Loud Right now she actually isn’t. But she will be, if you don’t solve this probl […]

20180301出题:A strange number

A strange number Time Limit: 1s Description Given a positive integer with a maximum of 100 digits, ask if you can remove […]